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Soo can i change my line (elkhat) that handels 4mbs to a one that handles more than 8mbs?

Im so fucking tired of the 200kb download speed that isnt even stable can i even change it ? How much does it cost ? And how long does it take ?
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Advice on how to handle my thoughts during NC

Hey guys, it is now the 8th week of NC between my ex gf and me (2y, imo healthy relationship). The break up came out of the blue for me and she basically left me for another guy (didnt cheat on me though) and a few other reasons mostly related to her beeing really unsure whether she is on the right path in life yadayada... don't wanna bore you guys. So eversince she left me that night she only sent me one text two days later saying she felt guilty for not messaging me when she got home safe the night she left me (cause i told her to do so). I didnt reply. Only thing that I sent her way were like 3 oder 4 instagram storys she would be able to see since she didnt block me and nor did I block her (storys were just me skateboarding and i already did those when we were together; also I discovered, that she deleted her instagram a few days ago).
This was my first serious relationship and she was the first human I felt honest and pure love for. Still I think I am handeling it fairly well. Talking to sooo many friends and family about it (like therapy), doing sports almost daily and trying to meditate. Now of course I am also eager to learn more about how relationships work and what makes them fail etc. The more I learn about it, the more I realize what (not only) went wrong for us, but also what could be wrong with her, eventhough that sounds mean. My problem is.. i have just sooooooo many things on my mind which i want to tell her... I dont really know whether I want to tell her this because I want to get her back or whether I just care about her and don't wanna see her in shambles after she does the same "mistakes" with the other guy. You guys must know, that she wasnt soo sure about the break up and projected a few of her own fears and insecurities on our relationship in the end. She said she felt better around the other guy which is why she fell in love with him slowly but surely. They spent alot of time together since they study together etc. On the other hand she realized while breaking up with me, that she wasnt that honest with me for a long time and that she "didnt give me a chance". That just hurts so much when you know you could have probably figured it out if only she told me about her insercurities deep down in a more urgent way. I am still sure, that contacting her is the wrong step, but recently I really can't take my mind off this topics... Any suggestions or perspectives from you guys on how to keep my mind off this?
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The people working on Seraphine are nuts! & some sera theory

Soo I was reading the post about who is handeling seraphines art and gameplay. As someone already said:
Gameplay - Riot Jag
He did Aatrox, KAI'SA and Camille. These are hella creative and good champs in my opinion
Concept art - Riot Newmilky
I think we cant be more lucky guys. On this Page you see all the concept art she did. And thats just amazing. I mean, Original Lilia, Zoe & SG Zoe, Xayah & Rakan, SG Neeko. These are wonderful concept arts. So I expect something reaaaaly good for Sera! :D

Ye just my thought about this. I think we are rlly lucky. What do you expect?
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4cyl turbo are better than large displacement V8

They are quite powerful these days, and have power to weight ratios that rival the big V8s, but at more than double or even triple the MPG.
Because they are light, they also handel much much better around the track than a comperable bulky muscle car. With exception, like the camaro zl1 1le which was designed for the track, rather than the strip.
They can be had in very attractive 4 door sedan configurations, perfect for a fun as hell family car. You dont get that on the camaro, mustang, or challenger.
The insurance rates are much much lower, which, although it might not sound like a big deal, will save you a TON over the life of the car.
More than just the insurance, the price of the car itself is often much less. Cars like the Subaru wrx, wrx sti, civic SI, and type R are simply better buys for the money than the mustang gt, challenger rt, and camaro ss.
That being said, i love the sound of an American V8, but these days the 4 cyl cars are just soo much more relevant than they were 30 years ago.
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Hino do Bangu traduzido em 40 línguas

O Bangu tem também a sua história, a sua glória, Enchendo seus fãs de alegria! De lá, pra cá, Surgiu Domingos da Guia. Em Bangu se o clube vence há na certa um feriado, comércio, fechado. A torcida reunida até parece a do FlaFlu: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu! O Bangu tem também como divisa na camisa: O vermelho-sangue a brilhar. E faz cartaz, Estouram foguetes no ar! Em Bangu se o clube vence há na certa um feriado, Comércio fechado. A torcida reunida até parece a do FlaFlu: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
Bangu also has its history, its glory, Filling your fans with joy! From there, to here, Domingos da Guia appeared. In Bangu, if the club wins there is certainly a holiday, Closed trade. The crowd gathered looks like FlaFlu's: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu! Bangu's motto is also on the shirt: Blood-red shining. And make a poster, Rockets explode in the air! In Bangu, if the club wins there is certainly a holiday, Closed trade. The crowd gathered looks like FlaFlu's: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
Bangu het ook sy geskiedenis, sy glorie, Vul u aanhangers met vreugde! Van daar tot hier, Domingos da Guia verskyn. As die klub wen in Bangu, is daar beslis 'n vakansie, Geslote handel. Die versamelde skare lyk soos FlaFlu s'n: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu! Bangu se leuse is ook op die hemp: Bloedrooi skyn. En maak 'n plakkaat, Vuurpyle ontplof in die lug! As die klub wen in Bangu, is daar beslis 'n vakansie, Geslote handel. Die versamelde skare lyk soos FlaFlu s'n: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
Bangu hat auch seine Geschichte, seinen Ruhm, Fülle deine Fans mit Freude! Von dort nach hier Domingos da Guia erschien. In Bangu, wenn der Verein gewinnt, gibt es sicherlich einen Feiertag, Geschlossener Handel. Die versammelte Menge sieht aus wie die von FlaFlu: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu! Bangus Motto steht auch auf dem Shirt: Blutrot leuchtend. Und mach ein Poster, Raketen explodieren in der Luft! In Bangu, wenn der Verein gewinnt, gibt es sicherlich einen Feiertag, Geschlossener Handel. Die versammelte Menge sieht aus wie die von FlaFlu: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
بانغو أيضا لها تاريخها ومجدها ، ملء معجبيك بفرح! من هناك الى هنا ظهر دومينغوس دا جويا. في بانغو ، إذا فاز النادي هناك بالتأكيد عطلة ، التجارة المغلقة. الحشد المتجمع يشبه FlaFlu: بانغو ، بانغو ، بانغو! شعار بانغو موجود أيضًا على القميص: يلمع الدم الأحمر. واصنع ملصقًا ، الصواريخ تنفجر في الهواء! في بانغو ، إذا فاز النادي هناك بالتأكيد عطلة ، التجارة المغلقة. الحشد المتجمع يشبه FlaFlu: بانغو ، بانغو ، بانغو!
Bangu també té la seva història, la seva glòria, Omplint els vostres fans d’alegria! D'allà, fins aquí, Va aparèixer Domingos da Guia. A Bangu, si el club guanya segur que hi ha vacances, Comerç tancat. La multitud reunida sembla la de FlaFlu: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu! El lema de Bangu també apareix a la samarreta: Brillant vermell sang. I fes un pòster, Els coets exploten a l’aire! A Bangu, si el club guanya segur que hi ha vacances, Comerç tancat. La multitud reunida sembla la de FlaFlu: Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
He moʻolelo ko Bangu, kona hanohano,
Ke hoʻopiha nei i kāu poʻe pā me ka hauʻoli!
Mai laila, a ma aneʻi,
Ua ʻike ʻia ʻo Domingos da Guia.
I Bangu, inā lanakila ka lāʻau i laila he lā nui,
Kālepa paʻa.
ʻO ka ʻaha kanaka i ʻākoakoa e like me FlaFlu's:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
Aia ka motto a Bangu ma ka pālule:
ʻAlaʻula ʻulaʻula.
A hana i kahi pelaha,
Pahu nā pōhaku i ka lewa!
I Bangu, inā lanakila ka lāʻau i laila he lā nui,
Kālepa paʻa.
ʻO ka ʻaha kanaka i ʻākoakoa e like me FlaFlu's:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
ਬੰਗੂ ਦਾ ਵੀ ਆਪਣਾ ਇਤਿਹਾਸ ਹੈ, ਇਸ ਦੀ ਸ਼ਾਨ ਹੈ,
ਆਪਣੇ ਪ੍ਰਸ਼ੰਸਕਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਖੁਸ਼ੀ ਨਾਲ ਭਰ ਰਹੇ ਹੋ!
ਉਥੋਂ, ਇਥੋਂ,
ਡੋਮਿੰਗੋਸ ਗ ਗਿਆ ਪੇਸ਼ ਹੋਏ.
ਬੰਗੂ ਵਿਚ, ਜੇ ਕਲੱਬ ਜਿੱਤ ਜਾਂਦਾ ਹੈ ਜ਼ਰੂਰ ਛੁੱਟੀ ਹੈ,
ਬੰਦ ਵਪਾਰ.
ਇਕੱਠੀ ਹੋਈ ਭੀੜ ਫਲੈਫਲੂ ਵਰਗੀ ਦਿਖਾਈ ਦਿੰਦੀ ਹੈ:
ਬੰਗੂ, ਬੰਗੂ, ਬੰਗੂ!
ਬੰਗੂ ਦਾ ਮਨੋਰਥ ਵੀ ਕਮੀਜ਼ 'ਤੇ ਹੈ:
ਖੂਨ-ਲਾਲ ਚਮਕਦਾ.
ਅਤੇ ਇੱਕ ਪੋਸਟਰ ਬਣਾਓ,
ਰੌਕੇਟ ਹਵਾ ਵਿਚ ਫਟ ਗਏ!
ਬੰਗੂ ਵਿਚ, ਜੇ ਕਲੱਬ ਜਿੱਤ ਜਾਂਦਾ ਹੈ ਜ਼ਰੂਰ ਛੁੱਟੀ ਹੈ,
ਬੰਦ ਵਪਾਰ.
ਇਕੱਠੀ ਹੋਈ ਭੀੜ ਫਲੈਫਲੂ ਵਰਗੀ ਦਿਖਾਈ ਦਿੰਦੀ ਹੈ:
ਬੰਗੂ, ਬੰਗੂ, ਬੰਗੂ!

לבנגו יש גם את ההיסטוריה שלה, את התהילה שלה,
ממלא את האוהדים שלך בשמחה!
משם, לכאן,
דומינגוס דה גויה הופיע.
בבנגו, אם המועדון ינצח יש בהחלט חג,
סחר סגור.
הקהל שנאסף נראה כמו של FlaFlu:
בנגו, בנגו, בנגו!
המוטו של באנגו נמצא גם על החולצה:
אדום אדום זורח.
ותכין פוסטר,
רקטות מתפוצצות באוויר!
בבנגו, אם המועדון ינצח יש בהחלט חג,
סחר סגור.
הקהל שנאסף נראה כמו של FlaFlu:
בנגו, בנגו, בנגו!

ବଙ୍ଗୁର ମଧ୍ୟ ଏହାର ଇତିହାସ, ଗ glory ରବ ଅଛି,
ତୁମର ପ୍ରଶଂସକମାନଙ୍କୁ ଆନନ୍ଦରେ ଭରିବା!
ସେଠାରୁ, ଏଠାକୁ,
ଡୋମିଙ୍ଗୋସ୍ ଡା ଗୁଆ ଦେଖାଗଲା |
ବାଙ୍ଗୁରେ, ଯଦି କ୍ଲବ୍ ଜିତେ ତେବେ ନିଶ୍ଚିତ ଭାବରେ ଏକ ଛୁଟିଦିନ ଅଛି,
ବନ୍ଦ ବାଣିଜ୍ୟ |
ଏକତ୍ରିତ ଜନତା ଫ୍ଲାଫ୍ଲୁ ପରି ଦେଖାଯାଏ:
ବାଙ୍ଗୁ, ବାଙ୍ଗୁ, ବାଙ୍ଗୁ!
ବଙ୍ଗୁଙ୍କ ଉଦ୍ଦେଶ୍ୟ ମଧ୍ୟ ସାର୍ଟ ଉପରେ ଅଛି:
ରକ୍ତ-ନାଲି ଉଜ୍ଜ୍ୱଳ |
ଏବଂ ଏକ ପୋଷ୍ଟର ପ୍ରସ୍ତୁତ କରନ୍ତୁ,
ଆକାଶରେ ରକେଟ୍ ବିସ୍ଫୋରଣ ହେଲା!
ବାଙ୍ଗୁରେ, ଯଦି କ୍ଲବ୍ ଜିତେ ତେବେ ନିଶ୍ଚିତ ଭାବରେ ଏକ ଛୁଟିଦିନ ଅଛି,
ବନ୍ଦ ବାଣିଜ୍ୟ |
ଏକତ୍ରିତ ଜନତା ଫ୍ଲାଫ୍ଲୁ ପରି ଦେଖାଯାଏ:
ବାଙ୍ଗୁ, ବାଙ୍ଗୁ, ବାଙ୍ଗୁ!

Bangu a aussi son histoire, sa gloire,
Remplissez vos fans de joie!
De là, à ici,
Domingos da Guia est apparu.
A Bangu, si le club gagne il y a certainement des vacances,
Commerce fermé.
La foule rassemblée ressemble à celle de FlaFlu:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
La devise de Bangu est également sur la chemise:
Rouge sang brillant.
Et faire une affiche,
Les roquettes explosent dans les airs!
A Bangu, si le club gagne il y a certainement des vacances,
Commerce fermé.
La foule rassemblée ressemble à celle de FlaFlu:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!


Бангу таксама мае сваю гісторыю, сваю славу,
Напоўніце сваіх прыхільнікаў радасцю!
Адтуль, сюды,
З'явіўся Дамінгас ды Гуя.
У Бангу, калі клуб пераможа, напэўна свята,
Закрыты гандаль.
Натоўп, які сабраўся, падобны на FlaFlu:
Бангу, Бангу, Бангу!
Дэвіз Бангу таксама на кашулі:
Крывава-чырвонае ззянне.
І зрабіць плакат,
Ракеты выбухаюць у паветры!
У Бангу, калі клуб пераможа, напэўна свята,
Закрыты гандаль.
Натоўп, які сабраўся, падобны на FlaFlu:
Бангу, Бангу, Бангу!

Bangu는 또한 그 역사, 영광,
팬들을 기쁨으로 채우세요!
거기에서 여기까지
Domingos da Guia가 나타났습니다.
Bangu에서 클럽이 이기면 확실히 휴일이 있습니다.
폐쇄 된 거래.
모인 군중은 FlaFlu처럼 보입니다.
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
Bangu의 모토는 셔츠에도 있습니다.
피의 붉은 빛이.
그리고 포스터를 만들고
로켓이 공중에서 폭발합니다!
Bangu에서 클럽이 이기면 확실히 휴일이 있습니다.
폐쇄 된 거래.
모인 군중은 FlaFlu처럼 보입니다.
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!

多明戈斯達吉亞(Domingos da Guia)出現了。

बंगु का इतिहास भी है, इसकी महिमा,
अपने प्रशंसकों को आनंद से भरना!
वहाँ से, यहाँ,
डोमिंगोस दा गुआ दिखाई दिया।
बंगु में, यदि क्लब जीतता है तो निश्चित रूप से छुट्टी मिलती है,
बंद व्यापार।
इकट्ठा हुई भीड़ FlaFlu की तरह लग रही है:
बँगू, बँगू, बँगू!
बेंगू का आदर्श वाक्य भी शर्ट पर है:
रक्त-लाल चमक रहा है।
और एक पोस्टर बनाओ,
रॉकेट हवा में फट गए!
बंगु में, यदि क्लब जीतता है तो निश्चित रूप से छुट्टी मिलती है,
बंद व्यापार।
इकट्ठा हुई भीड़ FlaFlu की तरह लग रही है:
बँगू, बँगू, बँगू!

Domingos da Guia បានបង្ហាញខ្លួន។
នៅ Bangu ប្រសិនបើក្លឹបឈ្នះប្រាកដជាមានថ្ងៃឈប់សម្រាក។
ហ្វូងមនុស្សបានប្រមូលផ្តុំគ្នាមើលទៅដូចជារបស់ FlaFlu ។
បាវចនារបស់ Bangu ក៏មាននៅលើអាវផងដែរ។
នៅ Bangu ប្រសិនបើក្លឹបឈ្នះប្រាកដជាមានថ្ងៃឈប់សម្រាក។
ហ្វូងមនុស្សបានប្រមូលផ្តុំគ្នាមើលទៅដូចជារបស់ FlaFlu ។

Tá a stair, a ghlóir, ag Bangu freisin
Do lucht leanúna a líonadh le háthas!
Ón áit sin, go dtí seo,
Bhí Domingos da Guia le feiceáil.
I Bangu, má bhuann an club is cinnte go bhfuil saoire ann,
Trádáil iata.
Is cosúil le slua FlaFlu an slua a bailíodh:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
Tá mana Bangu ar an léine freisin:
Fuil-dearg ag taitneamh.
Agus póstaer a dhéanamh,
Pléascann roicéid san aer!
I Bangu, má bhuann an club is cinnte go bhfuil saoire ann,
Trádáil iata.
Is cosúil le slua FlaFlu an slua a bailíodh:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!

Bangu da tarixinə, şöhrətinə,
Azarkeşlərinizi sevinclə doldurun!
Oradan buraya,
Domingos da Guia ortaya çıxdı.
Bangu-da, klub qalib gəlsə, mütləq bir tətil var,
Qapalı ticarət.
Toplanan izdiham FlaFlu kimi görünür:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
Bangu'nun şüarı da köynəkdədir:
Qan qırmızı parıldayır.
Və poster hazırla,
Raketlər havada partlayır!
Bangu-da, klub qalib gəlsə, mütləq bir tətil var,
Qapalı ticarət.
Toplanan izdiham FlaFlu kimi görünür:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!

Το Bangu έχει επίσης την ιστορία του, τη δόξα του,
Γεμίζοντας τους θαυμαστές σας με χαρά!
Από εκεί, μέχρι εδώ,
Εμφανίστηκε ο Domingos da Guia.
Στο Μπάνγκου, αν κερδίσει ο σύλλογος, σίγουρα υπάρχουν διακοπές,
Κλειστό εμπόριο.
Το πλήθος που συγκεντρώθηκε μοιάζει με το FlaFlu:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!
Το σύνθημα του Bangu είναι επίσης στο πουκάμισο:
Κόκκινο αίμα που λάμπει.
Και φτιάξε μια αφίσα,
Οι πύραυλοι εκρήγνυνται στον αέρα!
Στο Μπάνγκου, αν κερδίσει ο σύλλογος, σίγουρα υπάρχουν διακοπές,
Κλειστό εμπόριο.
Το πλήθος που συγκεντρώθηκε μοιάζει με το FlaFlu:
Bangu, Bangu, Bangu!

Parte 1
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Banned for no reason

Soo uh I was playing like a normal person and my shitty laptop can barley handel valorant and my screen kept glitching and freezing and stuff like that. And literally 10 seconds ago my game froze my screen was glitching and I got kicked out of the game and as I tried to log back in it said my account was perm banned for no reason. Did this happend to any of yall??
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Sup guys

Soo, i just find out that crystals are very benefitical to use so im never had any crystals and now i go tomorrow to buy my first crystals so im just want to ask How i can spot fake crystals? What is the difference between real and fakes?And are raw crystals powerful than the (handeled) ones? And Im very interested to buy those crystals what reduce emf radiation so what yall recommend me to buy? Im so out haha.. so ALL TIPS ARE WELCOME !!
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i would like to objectivly discuss about the current state of the game

After playing hundreds of games of warzone and having almost 30 wins I would like to say some things that really bother me. If you do have another point of view please discuss it with me in the comments. I simply can not wrap my head around at why some weapons are soo strong in the meta rn. The RPG is basically a sniper. You can easily hit your target hundreds of meters away. I just don’t get why a weapon that is already so strong should be as prezise as a sniper. And why you can carry so much ammunition/ rockets? Like if you play quads and buy an ammo box your whole team can abuse this an carry in total 24 rockets. If only 2 guys play rpg they have almost infinit supply. I get it it is not very easy to balance these things but please just think about it. The next thing with the throwing knife how in the world is it not 1 oneshot???? If someone is fully armored you can’t oneshot him with a throwing knife. Which takes in my opinion actual skill to hit. Same goes for the cross bow. Why in the world would’nt it be oneshot from any distance. Can someone explain. I really don’t think that you can abuse them as much as akimbo snake shot revolver or rpg.
In my opinion the ground loot is worthless. Because you loot basically 4 min and you can easily get your loadout. Probably any drop on the map. I get it it’s a call of duty thing. But why not make it really hard to get the loadout. Like 40.000 bucks (in quads) and no public drops. So the ground loot got actual value and it becomes a more “hardcore” battle royal version.Or what about just one public loadout like now in the 5th circle to help gulag players get into the game again. So would not everyone is abuse the latest "no recoil lazer beam build". Not everyone runs ghost and other really powerfull perks. UAV becomes actualy good again. If you can afford 3 UAVs its good in the current meta then you have like 20 seconds of intel. But one UAV alone is probably as usefull as a self-revive kit in an open field (none at all, because you get finished instantly).
Why would a m13 or grau or m4a have 60 bullets with virtually no recoil. But a scar which takes actuall "skill" to handle recoil has just a 30 bullets magazine and handels like a lmg. There are just some things very off.
Okay we get it some things are hard to balance but how in the world should have a pistol the fastest time to kill while having also a really high mobility(akimbor revolver). Just think about it. I think the developers did a really good job with this game and the overall balancing. But this game is just way to rewarding for noobs. I thought that one plating more on your body (4 instead of 3) would also change the fairness of the game. You wouldn't go down as easily and could actually clutch or turn n a camper.
Before this update you got money out of every chest. Now its pure luck I guess. Will probably shift the meta abit into doing contracts more consistently in games. Don’t really like this change but I think it is a good thing that you can’t get as much money as fast as before. I really don’t get why the RPG is a ground weapon. And it almost seems that the game wants you to camp. Basic warzone knowledge, position is key to win, if you run you loose.
Then the bounty contracts. In early game cool. In endgame just unfair. Take a contract before rotating and wait until your bounty is out in the open. Easy kills. The most wanted contracts was exactly what the game needed. Are they coming anytime soon again? (And hopefully replace again the bounties) I died soo many times because an enemy team could see aproximatly where i am in the endgame (circle 4 5 6).
I played many battle royales up to now(pubg, fortnite, apex) and there is a good reason that you don't have a weapon while dropping. Or armor plates. It is so frustrating getting tagged or even downed mid air. There are so many cases were you get pushed instantly after dropping. And there is nothing you can do if you get pushed by 2 or 3 people with decent armor and pistols no matter the weapon u pick up. Its just very frustrating.
I overall like the game a lot and in my opinion the developers did a great job. Just wanted to share my thoughts.
I apologiese for my bad english and grammar mistakes. But I really hope you get my point.
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My self (18) and my girlfriend (18) from the month of December till to this date. There is a very less communication between us we both are not able to contact each other or anything due to her parental restrictions. Recently I was diagnosed with clinical depression and from July 2 nd my exams are going to start. On daily basis I feel very low and lonely like as if there's no for me. I do understand she has no CONTROL on the situation but from the past 4 and a half month this lack of communication is taking a toll on ment health I am emotionally not very strong to handel such things yet we are together. So could you please advice me what will be the best thing to do in the interest of my exams and well being even the relationship. Thank you soo much your valuable advice is highly appreciated.
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Soo, let's talk about the port of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier on mobile. Altought it's a decent port, it has a lot of problems:
When you first open the game it says "Use headphones for the best experience!" I don't think so, most of the backgrounds sounds (except the characters's voices) are so compressed that it looks like they were made for a 1980s game. I know they needed to make the file size as little as possible so more people could download it but they could have made a completely different app and call it "lite" for people who have less space and severely downgrade the graphics.
The game actually performs better than i thought! I have a midrange phone and i get about 40-50 fps, sure some scenes cause lag and pfs drops (like when there are lots of models loaded and the walkers horde)
Again, i'm very surprised to how the graphics look fairly similar to the original (they even downscaled the baby oil) the textures are a bit blurry (not major) but that's just for optimization
Very lazy how they handeled the gameplay part, you have to drag your finger to move Javi, they didn't include analog sticks. This could have easily been an option.
I didn't encounter many bugs except when the buttons weren't working properly and i had to restart it and some graphical glitches.
Overall it's a decent port that has it's flaws, it's not as bad as people make it to be. My rating is 7.2. I just wish we could get the definitive edition on mobile
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The Stars Beckon - Chapter 21

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"Truth is the best PSYOP." - Colonel Fred Walker
Planning a battle of Psychological Warfare doesn’t happen overnight. For it to be effective you have to truly know your opponent, and being recent visitors to the planet that did not describe the crew of Magellan. However, their new friends...the “Ragtag band of Rebels”, as Eli had dubbed them...knew their enemy intimately. A great deal of discussion passed between the two groups as the plan began to take shape, and with the Bathyn’s help Khadijeh was soon plugged into their communication and datanet systems. Their efforts at learning the language paid dividends now, and once she created a Translation/Hacking program, she cracked her knuckles and got down to business.
Eli was completely in his element. He had Kurt and Soo-Jin hard at work modifying the probes, while working with Graeme and Teréz to craft the message he wanted to send. The Israeli was like a conductor standing before an orchestra, waving his baton as the individual musicians were molded together to perform a grand symphony. Will pitched in here and there were he could, but for the most part he simply stayed out of the maestro's way. And when Eli was ready, he gathered the crew together for opening night.
He rubbed his hands together in almost childlike glee, as he went around the table. “Kurt, are the probes ready?” he asked.
The Engineer nodded. “We finished the last of the modifications a few hours ago. They were never designed for something like this, of course, but they should perform admirably.”
“Excellent. Nekesa, do you have the list of target cities?”
“They’re locked into the Navigation database,” she informed him. “All I need is a ‘Go’, and I can start my run. We should be able to make all the drops in roughly twenty minutes.”
He grinned, and turned to Khadijeh. “Where are we at with the preliminaries?”
“Total penetration,” she smirked. “I almost feel sorry for them, their security is decades behind ours. They’ve been trying to kick me out of their systems for almost a week, but every time they get close I just shift operations to a new set of a hardware, and force them to start from scratch. It’s really beginning to piss them off.”
Eli’s grin grew even wider, as he looked over at Teréz. “And how is the Church reacting publically to our messages?”
“At first they tried to deny them, but when every Bathyn on the planet got an email invite...or the local equivalent, anyway...needless to say it backfired on them. They changed gears pretty quickly, telling them instead it was just some childish prank. That didn’t go over too well either, for the simple fact no one could see the point. And when folks started drifting to the target cities to see the big surprise they’d been hearing about, the Church decided to get serious. They called out the troops and set up cordons to keep them out.” A dark shadow passed over Teréz’s face. “If they decide to play rough, things could end up being very dangerous for the Bathyn.”
He nodded, turning his attention to Graeme. “What’s your read on that?”
“The Church is in a difficult position,” the Astrobiologist said carefully. “On the one hand they can’t simply ignore our little provocations, but by the same token they don’t dare give them too much credence either. So instead they’re trying to walk a fine line between the two, which is why they’ve called out their version of the Military Police. At the moment they’re focusing solely on crowd control...I suspect because they’ve managed to convince themselves it is some kind of a hoax. When they discover that it isn’t, it’s going to catch them off guard. I hope so, at least.”
“I’m confident that all they’ve done is bought themselves the worst of both worlds...enough presence to spark a reaction, but nowhere near enough to control the crowd when we unleash our surprise,” Eli said with a smirk. “Like you said, they’re sure nothing will happen, but if it does it would have to come into the target areas from somewhere else. They’re watching the inbound routes closely, I can promise you.”
“How can you be so sure of that?” Will asked.
Eli turned to face him. “Simple...because that’s what I would have done in their place.”
“...fair enough,” he said with a shrug.
The Israeli chuckled. “For all the good it will do them. I guarantee you, the one direction they aren’t looking is straight up.” He glanced at his watch, and looked around the table. “It’s almost game time, folks...and I’d hate to disappoint our audience. Let’s show the Church how good us humans are at mucking things up.” The group chuckled as the meeting broke up, as each individual headed to their stations.
The performers fine tuned their instruments, as the curtain began to rise.
The opening Allegro was all Nekesa. For all the probes to hit their marks at exactly the same time required some serious orbital acrobatics on her part. But there was a reason she was the ship’s pilot and navigator, for the very simple fact she had the best flying skills Fontana had ever seen. He was none too shabby a pilot in his own right, but he knew he couldn’t hold a candle to the Nigerian on his best day, and what would have left him a sweating pile of goo she made look easy. The course she’d set was a true work of art, hopping in and out of Hyperspace to circle the planet in the allotted time frame...and when she was finished a dozen probes were streaking down to the planet’s surface, each one on course to land in one of the major Bathyn cities.
While they were in flight, Khadijeh began her Adagio. Every receiver, communications device, and loudspeaker on Aphrodite had been taken over by the skilled hacker, and all of them were busily announcing the coming of…gasp...”Visitors From The Stars”. As the Church struggled to fight back they discovered to their dismay they were completely locked out of their own systems, and as the worms she’d planted asserted more and more control their ability to fight back effectively was seriously crippled. Military bases found themselves shut down, while their prisoners were amazed to see the bars and gates designed to hold them captive flung wide open...and they wasted no time making their escape to freedom.
The third-movement Scherzo was Kurt’s moment to shine. He’d been limited by how much he could alter the probes and still have them function, but Khadijeh’s programming stepped in and filled in the blanks. As each probe descended on roaring retro rockets, lighting up the sky, music blared from every device in the vicinity. There’d been some rather boisterous debate on what selection to play...Teréz had argued hard for Ride of the Valkyries...but in the end the Engineer had decided for a slightly more subtle approach. Strobes and lasers flashed from the descending craft, each accompanied by the “Hallelujah Chorus”, from Handel's Messiah. They may not have been the UFO’s of myth and story, but they did a fantastic job of imitating them. There was no way the Church could continue pretending this was some sort of childish prank, not when they’d so thoroughly dismantled their own space program. And for the Pièce de résistance, the lasers formed to make giant holograms, looming high over the cities, each showing a human (He’d used Will as the model, something his Captain was more than a little embarrassed about) shaking hands...or claws...with a generic Bathyn.
For the Grande Finale, the closing Sonata, the crew dumped hundreds of Terabytes of data into the Bathyn internet. Star maps, images of Earth, music, science and technology...all of it cross-referenced, available to every inhabitant...and impossible to delete.
Eli leaned back in his chair, his hands folded across his chest, a beatific smile on his face. “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ‘Shock and Awe’...alien style.”
To say the effect on the planet was “Profound” was something of an understatement.
The Church struggled to fight back, but they’d been caught flat-footed by the human assault. There was simply too much for them to explain, too much they couldn’t explain, and the harder they tried the more the populace turned against them. No one could have faked the data, let alone the probes and their light show, witnessed on site by millions. For every argument they threw up to deny what had happened, a hundred...a thousand...counter-arguments shouted them down. It didn’t take long for the Church to give up on sweet reason, and resort to good old-fashioned force.
Unfortunately for them, Khadijeh’s deadly worms had hamstrung their armed forces but good. Their databases were wiped clean, their military computer systems slagged, while thousands of contradictory orders were issued before the entire organization descended into abject chaos. Token forces were sent out on the authority of local commanders, but after Magellan’s performance the populace was in no mood to be putting up with that nonsense. The True Gods of the Cosmos had spoken, and when the false pretenders of the Church tried to reassert their domination over the people, they were quickly and brutally torn apart.
The Faithful still remaining took a hint, and went underground. Permanently, in many cases.
That didn’t mean the worst was over, sadly. What had once been a monolithic and stable society was now splintered into dozens of factions, each vying for control, and no one, least of all their rebel friends, knew where it would end. But where the Magellan crew, minus Eli of course, felt a profound sense of guilt over the way things had played out, the Bathyn scientists had a somewhat different take on the subject.
”All may seem like anarchy now, and perhaps it is,” they told the crew through Teréz, but for the first time since the Demon attack, we have hope. It will take time to rebuild, and it will not be easy...but this time we will build on a foundation of Truth. We owe you a debt of gratitude, one we can never repay.”
Will and the rest of the crew looked at each other in embarrassment. “I can’t help but wonder if we’ve done you a terrible disservice,” he told them. “It almost feels like the cure is worse than the disease.”
”The cancer in our society ran deep, and required extreme measures to be excised,” they replied. ”We do not blame you for the state we now find ourselves in...and neither should you.”
“Easier said than done, I’m afraid,” he sighed. “We humans have a great talent for self blame.”
”Then perhaps we can offer you something in return,” they said after a moment, ”a small down payment on our debt to humanity. During the Demon attack one of our founders managed to record a number of transmissions from the invaders. We were never able to decrypt them...but perhaps you will have more success.”
Khadijeh’s head snapped up as she turned to look at Will. “Captain, I’ve just received a data packet from the planet...a big one.”
”We wish you success in your journey,” the voice told them, ”and we hope and pray this will not be the last meeting between us.”
“I hope so too,” Will said softly. “Thank you, for your gift. If we do come back someday, or others like us, the beacon we left in orbit will be able to contact you.” He actually managed a smile. “Keep a light on for us.”
”We await your next visit with anticipation, Captain. Until that day...may the Gods watch over you.”
“And you as well,” he whispered, as Magellan translated into Hyperspace, and left the system.
It was a few days later that Khadijeh made an announcement.
“I’ve been cross referencing the data the Bathyn gave us against what we got from the beacons,” she told them, “and I’ve managed to decode another section. Each beacon has a timestamp of when it was placed in orbit, and I’ve managed to work out a rough timeline.”
Will sat up in his chair. “What did you find out?”
“It was the Xtal that got hit first, over two centuries ago,” she explained. “The Bathyn were next, about 70 years later, and the Gaians almost 50 years after that. And then, Earth, 20 years ago.” Khadijeh shrugged. “I know it’s not much, but it's something.”
“On the contrary, that could prove very helpful,” Will nodded. “It’s another piece of the puzzle. I just wish we could figure who these Others are, and why they’re doing this.”
“Well...I did find something else, something odd,” she told them, “but I’m not sure what it means.”
“Something odd?” he repeated. “How odd?”
Very, in my opinion,” Khadijeh said firmly. “The reason it took me so long to decode was because I’d assumed the language would be identical between the two sources, only they aren’t. Related...but not identical.”
Will shook his head. “Wait a minute...are you telling me they’re from two separate groups?”
“I’m not sure,” she admitted. “If I had to guess...I’d say the language from the Demon attack was descended somehow from the one used in the beacons. The architectures are similar, but there are some major deviations.”
The Captain leaned back in his chair. “Khadijeh, I want you to focus your attention on resolving that question. I don’t know what it means yet...but something tells me it could be the key to unraveling this whole damn mystery.”
“I’ll get started immediately,” she vowed.
“Keep me posted,” he told her. “We’re getting close...I can almost taste it.”
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SAMMA wie kann es sein, dass es illegal ist kleinste Mengen Marihuana zu kaufen, aber es legal ist so viele Rizinus-Bohnen zu kaufen um daraus Rizin (einen Biokampfstoff!) produzieren zu können?!

Zum Kontext der Artikel Giftfund in Köln. Genauso ist der Handel und Besitz von Kokablättern, welche das Rauschgift Kokain in geringen Mengen enthalten, verboten. Im Gegensatz zu Rizinus-Bohnen kann man aber auf Kokablättern herumkauen, was auch die Einwohner entsprechender Gebiete tun / taten. Der Effekt ist vergleichbar mit dem Trinken eines Espressos und wegen der geringen Aufnahmemenge nicht schädlich. Eine einzige, EINE EINZIGE Rizinus-Bohne ist für Menschen schon gefährlich. Und die darf man normal kaufen, auch online. Der genannte Terrorist hat sogar 1000 Bohnen online legal bestellt! 1000 Bohnen, ICH GLAUB ES HAACKT! Zum Glück isses dem Verfassungsschutz aufgefallen, der wollte ja noch eine Bombe bauen. Aber trotzdem.





Persönliche Drogen verboten aber BioKAMPFSTOFFzutaten sin erlaubt? ICH GLAUB ICH SPINNE! Dieser Tunese hat es sogar geschafft das Rizin zu isolieren. Da werd ich ja zur AXT IM WALD! Oder KETTENsäge... Sind ja ein Völkchen der Maschinenbauer. Das aber KEIN PLAN HAT wenns irgendwie drüber hinausgeht. Mann man man man man man man... Soo. Ende der Durchsage. Ich gehe jetzt mit Monsieur Claude einen Wald fällen. Schönen Tag noch.
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[OATHBRINGER] Dalinar and his wife

Soo, he is starting to remember her name, and her face.
This made me think about his boon/curse, and what they might be. I know that there are a lot of people out there that arguing which part of it was him forgetting his wife.
But I something that felt off in all of the chapter, was him seeking out fights, something we have clearly never seen him do (except for the flashbacks we have now). Yet in this chapter, he first fights against a much younger man (who beats him), and then he decides to have a diplomatic talk, all the while he is again fighting someone. And this is not just a random someone, this is someone who knew him in his Blackthorne days, someone that even explicitly says that Dalinar was someone he admired. The whole thing just seem off. This made me realise a potential way of handeling his boon/curse.
It could be that he came to the Nightwatcher and asked that he forget all about his wife. And that his curse was then that the thrill for battle and fights was also lost. Making him become that man we now know and love.
Would love to hear other peoples thoughts
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So what's up with the shitty customer support over at EA help ?

It's story time kiddos!
Soo me and my friend were casually playing Battlefield V yesterday, having a good time in general. After some games we get in a Conquest map where a hacker is spamming JB-2 rockets from the start of the match. My friend being the hothead he is, calls him a lowlife "[email protected]"$#/!!, and we leave the match. Then while we were waiting for a friend to join he gets disconnected from Origin, fearing the worst he instnatly logs back in and changes his password. We then try to enter a match but my friend can't join because fairfight has banned him from that server. He goes make a help ticket and the advisor on the other side informs him that account has been compromised. After they secure it and set up the 2step verification we though he could play again, but that wasn't the case. The advisor tells him that another team handels the banned/suspended accounts, so he writes them an email detailing the events that happend, but they just copy paste a generic "Because you hack you got banned" which wasn't the case with my firend. This is what he got:
We noticed that your EA account broke EA’s gameplay rules.
Because your account was involved in cheating, we’ve permanently blocked your access to Battlefield V’s online features. This means that you can no longer access multiplayer maps or modes.
• Read up on how to play by the rules at https://help.ea.com/help/battlefield/battlefield-v/play-by-the-battlefield-v-rules/ • Review our full user agreement. This is what you agree to when you play EA games or use EA Services: http://www.ea.com/terms-of-service
What this means
When we talk about cheating, we mean things like using external tools, performing in-game exploits, or abusing glitches or bugs.
EA’s rules
Breaking our rules damages the experience for you and other players. We want to keep everyone’s gaming experience fun, safe, and secure.
You break our rules (https://www.ea.com/terms-of-service#section6) if you: • use software that interferes with or disrupts an EA Service or another user’s account. • use undocumented features, exploits or cheats in-game that disrupts an EA Service or another user’s account. • use software or cheats that disconnects other users from the EA servers.
Any questions?
If you think we sent this to you by mistake, you can get in touch with our Terms of Service team. Find out how to contact them in our article: https://help.ea.com/help/account/information-about-banned-or-suspended-accounts
Thank you, EA Terms of Service
Now if you are still with me, what is he supposed to do, i mean first we pay full price for a game they put on 50% off sale after 2 weeks, and now this. Does EA really not care about their customers? If the EA help advisor could see that his account was compromised, why can't the other team see this and just lift the ban, probabily they just don't care.
Thank you for reading this and take care.
P.s - SET UP YOUR 2-STEP VERIFICATION nao, and english is not my first language.
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Feedback for the Livestream!

First of all you did a great improve on the Livestream over the DH Livestream! GJ.
I do not know where to start, because I noticed a lot of things are ResidentSleeper.
Interview guys
Soo every interview soo far was fine execpt for the one who handed out the awards.
Overall the Audio wasn't that bad but there where still some mistakes made.
Snak Break
Let's Call it Snak Break for the Next-Event waiting screen.
The Spectating was alright got some good fights and also misst some again.
Soo we didn't see much from everyone wich i can understand bc we had 180mins for 3 games which means about 2,4mins should had everyone but was not the case. Example: Doc had about 7 mins air time because he was more famouse than TrilluXe who had an AirTime of about 30-40 secs...
Twitch Chat
For me Twitch Chat was a big disappointment. FeelsBadMan
Overall it was a big improvement over the DreamHack Atlanta Livestream.
English is not my main language soo if you find mistakes you can keep them.
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I love this game alot but there is one thing that i dont like

And that is how chests are handeled.
I dont like that there are different tiers of chests with exclusive loot And i dont like it because after a while because you mostly get blue and brown chests you get the same guns and items and you get that feeling of
Ugh a brown chest? Guess i know aproximently what i will get
I would like it soo much more if there only was one type of chest that could hold any weapon or item
Ofc the better weapons would be more rare
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I need a friend.

Well hello to whom may ever read this. I just am feeling really down and depressed. Things never play out in my favor. I hate to be such a winer but my life is so meaningless and worthless i literally have no body to talk to. I am a 24 year old male and so far i feel like a human sacrafice. I live in a household were i cant express myself whatso ever. I have trief time and time again, just to be heard and so far nobody gives a fuck. The only person whoever loved me , with genuine live was my father.He passed away from cancer when i was 11. We had the greatest relationship. I remember that was the last person who made me feel like i actually mattered. We were two peas in a pod and he compleatley understood the kind of person i am. I had ti watch my favorite person on this planet deminish to nothing, i still remember his voice and i miss it so much. he was so happy and full of life even all the way up to his last moments. i cant belive hes gone. the last time i seen him, he was in a coma, so i had to say goodby forever and that was it. Since that time i grew up as a out if control teenager. I fell in love and had a kid when i was 16, everything started to feel like everything was going to work out. the emptyness in my heart was beging to heal, i finally felt like i might have a family of my own was forming. Then right when my son was born, she dumped me, of course after telling me what a worthless , piece of shit, ugly, loser i was, and she also mention how i could be replaced in minutes, with someone much better.And so i was replaced, just like that.Again my heart was torn apart.I would have to go to school n see her with anotherman everyday till it was too much to handel, so i dropped out. The pain was to much for me. We finally get along now, but i had to save it. she was just going to ignore me for the rest of our lives, but i took her aside and apolagized for all i had done wrong, and told her ull always have her back, which i do. all she does now is take advantage of me now, i am the main person who watches my son now, because she has just about every excuse in the book, so she dosnt have to watch him, from my car windows broken, up to she not feeling well. I personally have never asked her for a thing, i have had ER VISITS where i still dont ask her for help. I promise that am a good person, i take care of everyones needs beside my own. I LIVE with my family, who problly only interaction wth me is to ask me for things, chores , money, ect. i love my family but they dont love me back, i can tell. i try to talk to them on multiple ocassions to where, they call me a bunch of names, just for me trying to express myself. by the way they use to abuse me, lie to police, and now they only mentally abuse me. My stepfather calls me ugly at least once a week. my mom dont even give a rats ass about me either, I KNOW deep down in my heart that am a good person, but it just feels like the world is trying to break me down. i would die to save anyone of my family members, even if they wouldnt do the same. i dont abuse drugs or drink whatsoever. I live in a house were i feel so uncomfortable. my room is so small , to where i can only take about 3 steps in. i get yelled at for washing my clothes, i get yelled at for buying myself anything. and yes its my own money,which i cant even buy a cd with. FUCKING Bullshit man. i am the only one who cleans up , and i get yelled at while i help them too. lol its sorta like harry potter hah. but worse. ANYWAYS. i recentaly got involved in a relationship with a girl i met, that came into my work. i was so happy becuase, its literally been ,8 YEARS since i been in a relationship. we are curently still dating. i am madly in love with her. all i want is for us to be happy, and live life to the fullest, i dream of taking her out on dates like great america, out shopping, to a movie, lazer tag, out eating, whatever would make her happy, would make me happy. I dream of someone in my life who just would ask me how i was doibg, how i felt, give me huggs, n show me genuine love. i havnt been asked how i felt since my father was alive now that i think about it. Sadly all she does is ask me for money, and only gives me one word answers and never asks me ANYTHING. see shes got me and she knows it, she will tell me she loves me, which means the world to me, then hit me up for money. AM not stupid i know shes using me, but i am soo dedperate for love i am willing to buy it. I just am so sad to know that all everyone wants to do is take advantage of me, it really hurts. I cry on a regular basis, just as long as no one can see me do it. All i want to do is feel loved, my soul does nothing but sacrafice my self just to please everyone else, i have a burning desire to help out anyone, The onlything that makes me happy is when i help someone out , no amount of money could make me feel like how i do, when i do for others. I just want to hold my gf in my arms and let the worries of the world disapear, but if course i cant get what i want, only for a price. I feel like everyone is draining my soul, i feel like giving up, this world is so fucked up all i have to hold onto is hope. and it is wearing thin. I am such a good person all i want is a genuine friend. BY the way i alsi have 0 friends. i am utterly sad, please anybody help me.
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Who was your inspiration for RC? When you did Team America, did they tell you what kind of voice they wanted for I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. or did you just choose the one you thought would be funniest? (You choose correctly). Besides you, who is the greatest radio show host of all time? That's a really good question. The voice came to me in 1987 actually, as part of a character inspiration I had that had to do with a really young, really dumb, yet really arrogant kid-- the kind of kid that I grew up around. The kind of kid who sounded like they were four years old, but thought they were the shit and had answers for everybody. The first name that RC ever had was "Cleve", and then in Miami years later, I was fooling around with a Rocky the Squirrel voice and I decided to marry the Cleve attitude with the Rocky the Squirrel voice.
Hi, Phil. How did you learn to do all those awesome characters and maintain a back-and-forth between the character on the phone and yourself as the host? It's g. d. hilarious. It's instinctive. It's nothing you can really learn. I listen to people throughout my life and I learn to mimic them, and I've always been fascinated with the ebb and flow of human dialogue. I listen very carefully, and I want to marry the world of real speech with humor. That is to say, make the humor sound as naturally occurring as possible.
What ultimately lead to you leaving KFI and concentrating more on TRN? Was it a money choice? Regarding KFI: My contract was up at ClearChannel, and I had decided to focus on acting at the time. When I listened to what was on the radio over the next year, I realized that there was still a great opportunity on late nights, in my opinion at that time, to exploit a whole new audience in news talk. So I took the opportunity to contact TRN, since my manager was tight with them at the time, and proposed a late night talk show.
Several years ago you did a segment called "The Death of Dylan", where Bobbie Dooley basically just mourned the death of her son for an hour. I've always wondered...what was the origin of this segment? Did you know going in that it would remain entirely dramatic? Was it a prank on the audience, who were waiting for the joke to come? Yes, I knew it would remain dramatic. It was completely out of character for the show, but at that time I think I was looking for something different to do on the radio show. I was trying to shake it out of a doldrums I had felt it had fallen into, and so I took it the only way I could take it, which was dramatic, and that was the result.
Hiya Phil. Have you been doing much live work these days — stand ups etc.? If so, how about bringing it down to your desperate fans in South Florida? Please! Yes, I'd love to bring it to South Florida. I'm scheduled to do my second one-man show in early June in Los Angeles. As that goes, so goes the rest of the country... but Miami is definitely on the schedule.
Who is the most annoying actor you've ever worked with? as an actor, where do you get your health insurance from? who is the most beautiful woman you've ever worked with? what's your favorite show on television right now? what's the best movie you've seen lately? Most annoying actor? I worked with an actor who was the star of the show I was on, and he continually showed up morning after morning without knowing his lines. And this is hearsay, but apparently he mistreated one of the other actors. It was frustrating, because the rest of the cast was very hardworking.
I have a couple questions for you. First off, do you have any idea in your head of how RC Collins would be as an adult? I really loved his transformation from goth to military academy student, and I’d really be interested to know how he turns out as a 25-30 year old. RC would probably be working in his father's business, autocratic, successful.
Also, after I heard how people got the hell out of the way when they saw Ted Bell coming (due to his personalized license plate) I got his name on my license plate (please dont sue me). I have had no success. Now, as a woman the only person who may mistake me for Mr. Bell would be Frank Gray. Do you think my lack of success is more due to that or because I just drive a lowly chevy sonic. Would it work better if I drove something European? I think it's pretty strange that as a woman you got a license plate that says "Ted Bell". I'm still getting over that one.
Lastly, what do you order at waffle house? I've never been to a Waffle House in my life, even when I lived in the South for some six years.
Did listener feedback from your BSPs have anything to do with your decision to not bring back Nikki McKee? I thought her presence was a great addition to the show, maybe even just once a week or so, however it seemed like your BSPs didn't feel the same way. Having turned down George Carlin for a guest role in the past, what made you try out Ms. McKee? Not at all. That was entirely organic to our show, in consult with people who work with me. In fairness to Nikki, I have to say that some pretty big names have from time to time wanted to perform on the show with me; people that I really love and admire. And I've had to say "no" to them too. It appears that this radio show is best done as a solo act all the way.
Hi Phil! Been listening to your show on terrestrial for a couple of years and followed you to the podcast. Love the new format. Wanted to know if there are anymore plans for the One Man Show? Maybe for us in here Seattle? Cause we always get ignored. ;) Yeah, the same answer about this as before. The one-man show is starting up this summer, and Seattle will be on the itinerary. I love Seattle; even though I hate the Seahawks (except for Richard Sherman).
Phil, a looong time ago, you had a bit where an old lady was trying to get on the show, and she didn't hang up her phone, and you listened to the whole conversation that was going on in the background. They were watching all these funny shows like Kids Say the Darndest Things and Billy Graham. Was that real??? I always wondered if that caller ever found out she was on your show for a half hour and didn't even realize it? I think I remember that call, and yes it was very real. It spawned quite a number of bits we did later on, of people not being able to hang up phones. It's very interesting in the time since that bit we have almost completely abandoned the cradle-style phone, that is the phone that's "hard to hang up". A cell phone is not hard to hang up.
What is your favorite cartoon? (yours don't count) Of the old school stuff, Warner Brother's Looney Tunes, by far. Of the new school stuff, probably King of the Hill.
Hi Phil, What's your opinion of the radio industry in the US? Do you think it's here to stay for a while? Or do you see a downhill trend? HUGE fan of your show. Used to listen as often as I could back in the days of KFI. I think radio is going to morph further and further away from the AM/FM delivery platform and trend closer and closer to a web-based delivery, because when you say radio you're simply talking about a delivery system. You're talking about a delivery platform. And I don't know that the delivery platform is as important as the content. As it is right now, radio content is dogshit, and web content is winning. That seems to be where the real creativity is.
What is the best advice ever given to you? The best advice I've ever received was to be authentic. Authentic is a better word than real. So I have to be the authentic Phil Hendrie, just as we all have to be the authentic version of whoever we are.
What do you think of Bill Handel? I think Bill's success is in the rather self-effacing manner that he presents himself. He lets us in on the fact that he really doesn't believe he knows everything, and that some mornings he's just sort of lost. And that's endearing. It's a good success story.
Did you ever call into Art Bell or George Noory to prank them? You imitating Art Bell and Ross Mitchel was hilarious. And no, I don't call to crank anyone's show.
Hey Phil, Is Justin Roiland insane and scary as his IMDB photo? And also has it been a ton of fun to work on the show Rick and Morty? Link to ia.media-imdb.com. No, Justin's a hard-workin son of a bitch. Constantly working, as a matter of fact. A really good professional friend. He's been a great resource for us as we develop our animation idea. You know, Justin's the guy who really got that project moving.
Is "radio host Phil Hendrie" another character you do, or is your radio personality a pretty true representation of yourself? "Radio host Phil Hendrie" is a radio character, and by that I mean, he's real... but he's on the radio. So let's put it this way. The person you present to your grandmother is real, but it's your grandmother's self. And the same can be said in any situation we're in. Hence it is in radio.
Hi, Phil. I'm a long time fan who used to listen to you back when you were on WIOD. I really miss those day now because radio sucks down here. I know he was a cranky bastard sometimes but do you have any good memories of Neil Rogers? Any funny off mic moments? Every memory I have of Neil is a good memory. Listening to him on the radio was never anything other than a lot of fun. He was my mentor, he was a great artist, the radio industry still doesn't understand how brilliant he was, he buried people like Rush Limbaugh in the ratings year after year... Norm Kent said of Neil, "he had an inherent understanding that people are not motivated by a higher calling, but by when the cable guy is gonna show up to fix their fucking TV." That's why Neil was great.
Phil, you are a personal hero of mine. Thanks for doing what you do. What do you think it is about people that makes them call in and argue with these ridiculous characters? Well, when they used to call in and argue, it was because they had very strong feelings about the topic that we were discussing. I think anybody who is motivated emotionally by any particular issue is vulnerable to doing something like that. I think we may forget ourselves sometimes. You know, I listen to my show and I know that it's me doing the voices of these different characters, but as I hear them, they're very real. They are different people. And I'm lost in the theater of it.
How did you come to participate on Rick and Morty? Is there anything special on the process of dubbing this series? I was called by the producers of the show and they wanted me to come in and read for a couple of characters. They were producing the pilot back in the summer of 2011, if I'm not mistaken. And so I was happy to go in and read for them.
If you're talking about anything special in voicing characters for this series, then no. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Do you ever "miss" your characters when you're not performing? How can you miss them when they're always with you? One way or another, they haunt me, waking and sleeping.
Phil, I have loved your show for years...pure genius. I have also listened to your new podcast shows and was wondering if you are never taking calls from unsuspecting listeners again? Seems impossible with the new format. It's impossible with any format, because the angst that drove talk radio callers in the past has been re-directed into social media. Facebook, Twitter, et all now provide the outlet for that passion. And you don't have to go through some smart ass talk host to say what you want to say.
Pre-9/11, pretty much every hour of the show was character-driven. Afterwards, you started doing an hour or so every show as yourself, talking about current events. How do you feel this changed the course of the show/the makeup of your audience? Were you headed in this direction, anyway? I think it hurt the show, ultimately, doing serious talk about those events. I think it split the audience down the middle and confused them. We all have opinions about things that happen in the world, and some of those opinions you just keep to yourself or express them to friends and family. When you're a guy that engages in comedic entertainment like me, you don't bring that shit to the show. And I think that really hurt our show... BUT there were far more things that hurt it much worse, and that is the radio industry itself totally unprepared to support a show like mine.
Hey Phil, I wanted to thank you for several golden years of my youth spent thinking you were actually arguing with the craziest people. Learning the truth only made it better. I love your work, and you are an inspiration to me. Thank you. I guess if I could ask anything, what is the craziest reaction youve gotten from someone while on the radio? Probably the Greenskeeper bit from over a decade ago. A man who works at Cheviot Hills golf course, here in the LA area. He almost had a stroke. You can find that clip on the "Best of 2000" CD.
Phil. Your pizza hut call as well as the old lady you had pressing #'s (both wrong # calls) were on a level above any other prank phone call recordings I've ever heard. I know that's not part of your show's regular content but have you ever considered doing more stuff with phones as far as placing calls in character? Your calls would be legendary. In order to do that I have to first get the permission of the person that I'm calling, before I even roll tape. In the state of CA if you do not do that, you are guilty of a felony. So the idea of an unsuspecting caller who's being cranked, that is they're being called instead of calling me, is legally impossible.
Hey Phil, always been a big fan. To me the Greenskeeper is radio at its absolute finest. My question is, considering a huge part of your show was to get unsuspecting callers riled up, how important did you feel time slot played into your show? Does it feel like with your show in particular, time slot was more important than other radio shows? I think our time slot ultimately really hurt our show in commercial radio. I think we should have been in an earlier day slot. But that's not the real point. The real point was that my show is talk show in name only; it doesn't fit on the same radio station with news talk shows like Beck or Hannity or Hartmann. It never has. It is a comedy show, and belongs with lots of other comedy shows, or in a morning drive slot. But I don't think even my show would have worked in morning drive on commercial radio.
Phil, has anyone ever sent you recordings of their attempts at doing your show? Are there any promising successors to your throne of character-based radio genius? I don't know of any. I think anybody that is interested in bringing entertainment back to radio, no matter what the format, they've got my vote. They've got my support. It's not about copying one artist or another; it goes back to that word I used earlier: authentic. If you are a comic artist and you want to use radio as the medium, then you've got my support a million percent. Because radio's in big trouble.
Phil, if you could share a jar of Yucca with any three people throughout the history of time (living or dead, obviously), who would you dig up and where would you hold this gathering? Abraham Lincoln, Leo Tolstoy, and Jack Kerouac. It would be at Bob Hope's old, mountain home above 111 in Palm Springs. And we wouldn't start drinking until 1 AM.
My question: how did 9/11 affect your show? It obviously changed radio for a while, but what about your show specifically? Follow up: do you have any topics you won't cover because you don't want to offend anyone? No topics are off limits.
One more question, it seems like sometimes in the past, a character has said something that has genuinely surprised you. I know that the characters are also you and that you have an uncanny ability to create realistic conversations, but sometimes your reactions to the things you say as the characters seems to be genuine. Do you find that in some cases, the characters "become real" in a way, and seem to flow from you without much thought? Do we surprise ourselves sometimes? The answer is yes. So, it's probably not unusual for me to ad lib or improvise something and have it surprise me a bit. But part of being an actor is creating a reality. And so I feel that, at least in your case, I have created that reality. And I'm proud of that.
Hey Phil, care to give any hints about the one man show? Will it feature your cast of characters? Stories from your radio career? Or something completely new? It's the characters. It's me interacting with the characters, but obviously in a live setting. I want to bring to the stage as much of what I've developed on the radio show as possible, so it's not just me in character, it's me AND other characters.
Was the line "All you can eat negro" off the cuff? It was an off the cuff line that was written on a white board by my engineetech at the time, Mike Crozier.
Do you still hate 'Three Dog Night'? I don't know that I ever really hated them. I just that they were kinda bubble-gummy. Lately though, I've re-listened to songs like "Shambala" and "Family of Man" and like 'em.
Phil. I love eating at "Tommy Burger" in California. Do you enjoy eating at Tommy Burger? Don't eat there. Can't tell you about it.
In N Out and Tops Charbroiled are the best burger stands in CA in my opinion.
Phil, I started listening to your show on accident in the early 2000's on the Premier Radio network satellite feed when I set my receiver to the wrong channel. So i'm pretty much "Long time listener first time caller" here. I've laughed to the point of tears on several occasions every since. Not that it would make any difference, but I've always wondered--does this guy smoke pot? Recently I've smoked some medical weed for sleep issues that I have, but I don't use it recreationally.
What did you have for lunch today, Phil? I had six Morning Star Veggie hot dogs (50 cals each for a total of 300 calories).
Hi Phil, great show as always. A couple years ago, Howard Stern spoke highly of you and mentioned he even visited once to watch you do the show. I'm a huge Stern fan as well, but have always been bothered by his show ripping off a few of your bits in the mid-2000's. (One I remember specifically: Stern spending close to an hour talking to guy who claims he was digging up his father's yard and found a skull... exactly like you had Lloyd Bonnifide do). Did you ever mention to Stern his writers were ripping you off? I've never known Howard to rip off any of my bits. You're talking about a guy who has created the modern sensibility in radio, the unrestricted, uncensored sensibility. If anybody's been ripped off over the years, it's Howard.
Phil, I absolutely love the show, you keep me in stitches the whole time. When I first started listening (2011) you were on radio and I didn't know the premise of the show. How many complaints do/did you get for your satirical approach? Keep up the great work! I really at this point can't tell you how many complaints we get from listeners. It's not significant enough to warrant notice. I think most people recognize it for what it is: a satire.
Phil! For some reason, I didn't like when the General was added to the panel, but he quickly became one of my favorite characters. I've always wondered, who would be your favorite(s) of your characters? Well, I have been asked that question before, and I usually answer it the following way because it actually applies: when you ask a parent who their favorite child is, it's an impossible question to answer. They can certainly tell you what they like about each child, or what may irritate them from time to time about each child, but there's no way you can single out any one as your favorite.
How brutal was RC Collins or Colleen Kristen Brewster to your voice? Once you get that voice warmed up you can perform it for a long stretch. The brutality isn't in performing the voice; the brutality is in making sure that those two personalities are distinct enough that it comes out in the voice. It being just an audio medium, and not visual, you rely on your voice for a couple of extra levels of performance. You have to make Colleen Kristen Brewster come alive as not just dumb, but a dumb female. And RC Collins has to maintain his personality as the arrogant, young male. Even though both of those voices are very similar in the timbre and range, they have to be distinct personalities. That's the hard part.
Have Americans become too dependent on government? Not at all. The question is: our society, being a freely interacting society, how can it avoid closer interaction with government? The government is a resource. It belongs to you and I the same way a public library does. Use it. Make it work for you. Don't fear it like it's some evil spirit or boogie man hiding under the bed. It's the most childish thing in the world to see the government as an evil entity out of Game of Thrones.
Do you ever get recognized by strangers in public? If so, how do you feel about it? Is it annoying or endearing? I do. And I'm completely cool with it. People are always really nice. I like it.
When you create your characters, do you have a visual idea of what they might look like? or does that happen more organically as they mature? It happens more as they mature. The attitude is the first thing that comes into relief, if you will. And that begins to fill out the physical look of the person. And then what they do for a living. And then gradually, that person's relationships come into focus. Are they married? Are they single? How many friends? Etc. And then comes where they live. But this is all part of an actor's process. You have to know more about a character than you're going to ever tell the audience.
Hey Phil, I really really really really love your show. How do you feel the callers have changed in the 20+ years you've been doing the show? Callers are far more savvy to what they call "shock jocks"; they're far more aware of the fact that there is a high degree of entertaining going on, and not so much social consciousness and evaluation of issues. So they're a lot more on guard to that reality.
Hello... Do you think there is a spiritual side to humans? or is it all behavior? There is a non-behavorial physical side to humans, and it is instinct and belief. The amount of time and energy you put into instinct and belief can create something perceived as spiritual. What it is, in point of fact, is a reality that we create. For instance, if you believe that something will happen, it will happen, depending upon the energy that you put into your instinct and belief.
Hey Phil, first off, you are literally the funniest man in the world. Literally. Personal question: Is there more money in AM radio than podcasts (or vice versa?) There's far more money in digital these days than there is in radio. And that's why we're doing a digital based show. In fact, there's been far more money in digital in the last seven years than there's been in radio. At least for us.
How many of the colorful phrases you use on the show (e.g. "got them by the short and curlies") did you pick up from your time working construction? There's a number of phrases that I've picked up from construction. I don't know if "short and curlies" is one of them, but... We used to say when I was finishing cement, "you gotta grab that trowel like you're beatin' your meat."
Thanks for all the laughs Phil! To this day I still think of some of the calls your characters put in (dating back to the 90's) and they still make me chuckle. How difficult is it not to laugh while performing? It's not difficult, because you're in character, and while what that character says may be funny to a lot of people, it's not funny to the character himself. He is deadly serious about what he thinks, etc.
Is it mainly you who comes up with the characters/bits/storylines/etc? Obviously you do all the voice work and I'm guessing most of it is ad-libbed, but do you work with anyone else to come up with the crazy scenarios your characters are always in day after day? I used to work with others, but I found that having a writer was a real handicap for me. It could very well be that I'm just a massive control freak, but I don't like to collaborate with people on this show. I tried it and it was always very frustrating for me.
Do you have any fond memories of your time in Atlanta other than the flight out? Haha. I have very many fond memories of my time in Atlanta, and it has to do with the women of that fine city, whose names I will not reveal at this time.
Do you/have you ever used sound clips of the characters in order to have vocal overlap? (I think the way you use things like the rustling paper or just having the characters interject very quickly works really well in keeping the illusion going.) Never. We don't pre-produce anything for our show really, other than basic production elements like sound effects.
Hey Phil, thanks for doing another one of these. I was wondering if you were ever tempted to actually feature Walter Bellhaven and provide a voice for him in a bit. If so, how do you imagine he would sound? And I'll hang up and listen, thank you. Never. Walter's effective as one of those behind-the-scenes characters. He's far more effective that way, I think.
I'm not sure of the year ( I think it was around the same time you had the Art Bell skit where General Jameson gets killed trying to enter Area 51), but one Halloween you told the story of Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole. It was a huge departure from the usual tone of your show, as it was very unsettling due to the amount of detail you gave in your telling of the story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was there any fallout from that episode other than the usual idiots thinking they were listening to the wrong show? No. I think people actually enjoyed it... at least, as I remember.
Is there a time where you were able to get a caller to completely lose their shit more than usual? See my other answer somewhere about the poor Greenskeeper.
How many times do you sneeze in a week? No more than three. Depending upon what I eat...
Phil, this is sorta show related. You used to do all those Sopranos updates with RC Collins on your show. And they were soo funny by the way. Just wondering what you thought about the Sopranos ending? I thought it was a great time to end it. I'm very much a fan of ending shows when they should be ended and beginning something new. Sopranos was a transcendent television show. It was phenomenal acting and writing, and something like that has to come to an end at some point.
Who are your favorite sporting teams? Football, Basketball, Soccer. Basketball: The Lakers.
Football: 49ers. And that's heresy coming from a longtime Ram fan, but I'm not a St. Louis Ram fan, so whatever.
Soccer: Everton from the Premiere league.
Hockey: LA Kings.
Baseball: The Dodgers.
One of the funniest episodes I remember hearing was the remote broadcast from the auto parts store on Fifth and Flower, where you were on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to the owner's insistence on you reading his ad copy a certain way, and we could hear you when you "went to a commercial". I remember it ended with a costumer assaulting you on-air and Dickman standing around not helping. Any plans to do a "remote broadcast" with the new panel of Gen. Shaw, Margaret, Bud, and Robert? Any "remote broadcasts" nowadays will be a version of my one-man show. That is the next step that I want to take in performing, and that's getting up on the stage in a theatrical setting and performing these characters.
Hey Phil, thanks for the time - you've always put out an entertaining show, but is there a particular segment that you're proud of as one that perfectly captured what your show is all about? I think truly the show that I'm doing now is as close to the perfect Phil Hendrie show as any I've ever done. Narrowing it down to a segment would be difficult, if not impossible.
Do you wipe your butt with your left or right hand? Right-hand. Always right-hand. I think we wipe with the dominant hand. If you're right-handed but you wipe with your left hand, you have some serious fucking issues.
Phil, have you ever been asked to do a voice on The Simpsons? I have never been asked to do a voice on The Simpsons, but I would be proud as punch to be a part of that great show. We'll see what happens over the coming epoch.
I remember a bit from a while back where Art Griego was discussing taking accident photos of airplanes. My favorite line was Art saying that Abraham Zapruder was his "patron saint." At the end, Taylor gave you line that was apparently so inappropriate you had to get out of the bit. What was the line? I don't recall that at all. I don't even know if Taylor was the engineer at the time. Could have been Mark Newman or Mike Crozier.
What kind of underwear to you wear, since you brought it up? Boxers.
One more question - do you have a favorite / least favorite character to have on the show? I don't really have a least favorite.
Quick question, what's your favorite James Bond movie? The Daniel Craig "Casino Royale".
I know you had Larry King on once and fooled. Yeah, I got Larry King pretty good once. I can't think of any others off the top of my head.
Hi Phil. First of all, I love your show. Your are so talented. You mentioned Mrs. Olson's on your show. I'd like to visit California and check it out. What is the best thing to get for breakfast The tri-tip omelet with a side of their potatoes and corn tortillas. And a big glass of OJ.
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AGB Handel AGB Lagerung Impressum Datenschutz GVS Austria e.U. Ankauf + Verkauf Handelskai 94, Stiege 4 / 5.OG A - 1200 Wien, Österreich Tel. +43 1 33 050 33 SOOS GmbH. Verwahrung + Lagerung Handelskai 94, Stiege 4 / 5.OG A - 1200 Wien, Österreich: Mitglied des Berufsverbandes des deutschen Münzenfachhandels ... LEXCO Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. mit Sitz in Sooß ist im Firmenbuch mit der Rechtsform Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung eingetragen. Das Unternehmen wird beim Amtsgericht 2700 Wiener Neustadt unter der Firmenbuch-Nummer FN 72348 w geführt. Das Unternehmen ist wirtschaftsaktiv. Die letzte Änderung im Firmenbuch wurde am 30.10.2019 vorgenommen. Das Unternehmen wird derzeit von einem ... Zu LEXCO Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. in Sooß finden Sie E-Mail Telefonnummer Adresse Fax Homepage sowie Firmeninfos wie UID-Nummer, Firmenbuchnummer, Mitarbeiterzahl, Bankverbindung, Geschäftsführer, Gesellschafter ‒ eingetragen unter Großhandel Elektro und optische Erzeugnisse, Bürobedarf und Schreibwaren / Großhandel, Großhandel mit Maschinen und Ausrüstung, IT-Systeme / EDV-Systeme ... 2504 Sooß Firmenbuchnummer: FN 185697 i UID-Nummer: ATU48019004 Beginndatum der Rechtsform: 1999-08-18. Tätigkeitsbeschreibung: Handel mit Möbeln für den öffentlichen Bereich; Kundenkreis: u. a. Gemeinden. Handelnde Personen: Geschäftsführer Frau Famira-Parcsetich-Hints Garmin Privatperson alleinvertretungsberechtigt Geschäftsführer Herr Ing. Silli Erich Privatperson gemeinsam ... LEXCO Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. Elektro-Geräte Einzelhandel Aislastraße 4, Sooß Telefon 02239 5... Webseite Anfahrtsplan

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Alexanderfest, Concerto en Do Majeur de Haendel HWV 318 Ensemble Trielen and SOOS

Urlaub in der Schweiz - wieso nicht? In diesem Video stelle ich Euch Stoos und den Fronalpstock in knackigen 60 Sekunden vor. Wofür lange Reisevideos, wenn man es auch kurz machen kann? Für mehr ... Handel oor 'n meisie wat plain is amper soos 'n plaas girl wat nie hou van make up en hotelle ens nie. Geskryf deur Kobus Gouws en gesing deur Karla Gouws Cr... 自然の音とともに音楽をリラックス バンブーウォーターファウンテン 【癒し音楽BGM】 - Duration: 3:02:04. Relaxing Music Free Recommended for you Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue